GLOBIO model development strategy 2024-2027

This document describes the development strategy for the GLOBIO modelling framework for 2024–2027. It provides general direction for further improving the framework, based on the current state of the model and relevant developments in policy.

The GLOBIO modelling framework 

GLOBIO is a global biodiversity modelling framework designed to inform policy makers about responses of biodiversity and ecosystem services to potential future socio-economic development pathways and policy measures. The framework is developed and maintained by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and regularly used in global assessments aimed at informing (inter)national biodiversity-relevant policy.

Two main needs for further model development 

Based on a ‘stock-take’ of the current state of the model combined with an inventory of relevant policy developments, we identified two main needs for further model development: i) to broaden the indicator set in the GLOBIO framework , and ii) to improve the representation of ecological responses to (anthropogenic) environmental change. This strategy document outlines the improvements planned in each of these domains, to be detailed and fine-tuned in annual work programmes.


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GLOBIO model development strategy 2024-2027
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2 July 2024
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