Inclusive Green Growth

13-04-2015 | Publication

Designing effective policies for Inclusive Green Growth, or growth that improves the welfare of current and future generations, is difficult. Current growth pathways are often non-green and non-inclusive with a reason, and effective policy design requires that these reasons are addressed. This report assesses whether or not and, if so, how the policy agenda of the Dutch Directorate-General of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation addresses Inclusive Green Growth objectives, and what would be required for the development of an Inclusive Green Growth policy strategy.

Exploring policy strategies for stimulating Inclusive Green Growth

In order to define the key elements for an Inclusive Green Growth strategy, the report uses welfare theory to define the main challenges and explore potentially effective policy instruments. Considering the current policy agenda of the ministry, it becomes apparent that its focus is mostly on Inclusive Growth objectives and that Inclusive Green Growth strategies are not actively pursued. The report discusses the role of financing-, innovation- and governance-oriented policies in stimulating Inclusive Green Growth. It proposes an agenda for further analysis and development of effective Inclusive Green Growth policies, including an analysis of the potential contribution of public–private partnerships.