Methods for calculating the emissions of transport in the Netherlands 2022

15-04-2022 | Rapport

This report describes the methodologies, emission factors and relevant activity data used to calculate the historical emissions of environmental pollutants from transport in the Netherlands. The emissions are calculated, annually, by the Task Force on Transportation of the Dutch Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR). The resulting data on greenhouse gases are reported, annually, in the National Inventory Report, and air polluting emissions are reported in the Informative Inventory Report. These reports also provide a brief description of the trends in emissions and the methodologies used for calculating emissions. The current report describes the methodologies and underlying data in more detail.

Methods for calculating emissions

This report describes the methodologies used for calculating emission levels over the 1990–2020 period, which are reported in the 2022 National Inventory Report and the 2022 Informative Inventory Report. The report was compiled by the Task Force Transportation in the PRTR, which includes members of Statistics Netherlands, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, the Netherlands Organisation of Applied Scientific Research TNO and the RWS Centre for Transport and Navigation (WVL) of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. More general descriptions of the Dutch PRTR and the various task forces can be found on the PRTR website.