Nature Outlook 2010-2040 - Summary and findings

Every four years, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) publishes a Nature Outlook under statutory obligation. This year, the Nature Outlook is published at a time of important amendments made to nature and landscape policies and in related policy fields. This includes efficiency increases, less government involvement, and further decentralisation of policies on nature, landscape and spatial planning.

With the Nature Outlook 2010–2040 the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency aims to provide a source of inspiration to support government authorities and societal organisations in formulating the long-term policy for nature and the landscape.

People in society hold widely differing ideas about what constitutes ‘nature’. To some, nature represents a green business park, while to others it is about threatened species and wilderness. PBL has turned these various starting points into visions of future (‘nature perspectives’) with respect to nature and provides policy suggestions. The visions of the future show that the Netherlands could look quite different in 2040, depending on which policy is pursued from now on.


Rijk van Oostenbrugge, Petra van Egmond, Ed Dammers, Arjen van Hinsberg (all PBL), Dick Melman, Janneke Vader, Wim Wiersinga (all WUR)


Publication title
Nature Outlook 2010–2040 - Nature and landscape in 2040: Development visions - Summary and Findings
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1 October 2012
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