Application of the IPCC uncertainty methods to EDGAR 4.1 global greenhouse gas inventories

22-10-2010 | Publication

The global greenhouse gas emission inventory EDGAR 4.1 for the period 1970-2005 was developed using international statistics and default methods and default emission factors from the latest 2006 IPCC guidelines for greenhouse gas emission inventories. In contrast, many industrialised (“Annex I “) countries may apply higher tier methods than was done for EDGAR 4.1 and may also apply country-specific emission factors rather than IPCC default values.

The comparison provides insight on the net gain of using higher tier methodology and allows to identify those regions or sectors where application of higher tier methodology would be most beneficial. The difference of EDGAR and official greenhouse gas emissions of Annex I countries also indicates the applicability of the tier 1 IPCC methodology and default emission factors to developing countries (within the uncertainty estimates).