Biomass Wishes and Limitations

14-11-2014 | Publicatie

Biomass is an indispensable resource for a clean Dutch economy, as it is for that of many other countries. The organic material is used to replace fossil resources. This, for example, reduces resource use as well as CO2 emissions related to energy. This concept, however, is all but simple. Not all biomass is equally sustainable. There are limits to the amount of biomass that can be produced without, for instance, harming biodiversity or the food supply. What are the advantages and disadvantages of biomass? And where and how could it be best utilised? PBL has anaysed many of these aspects, listing the pros and cons and showing where the uncertainties lie. Additional information can be found in the explanations that also contain links to more elaborate background documents.

Biomass interactive pages offline and available in pdf format

The separate biomass interactive pages that were part of the PBL-website were taken offline in April 2020. The data as shown in the interactive pages has not been updated since 2014. The full text of the interactive pages is available as a downloadable PDF document on this page.

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