Global Methane Assessment
Benefits and Costs of Mitigating Methane Emissions

06-05-2021 | Rapport

This United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) assessment highlights the critical role that cutting global methane emissions, including from the fossil fuel industry, plays in slowing the rate of global warming.

Cutting human-caused methane by 45% this decade would keep warming beneath a threshold agreed by world leaders. There are multiple benefits to acting including: the rapid reduction of warming, (methane mitigation can deliver nearly 0.3° C of avoided warming over the next two decades) improved air quality that can save hundreds of thousands of lives; improve food security by preventing crop losses (an estimated 26 million tonnes per year); and create jobs through mitigation efforts while increasing productivity through reduced heat stress.

PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency contributed with several underlying studies aimed at assessing methane abatement potentials and the potential role of methane mitigation in future climate policy pathways.