Joint Actions for Air Quality and Climate Mitigation in Europe

18-12-2015 | Publication

Combined action for air and climate can be undertaken by (i) targeting atmospheric compounds that happen to have detrimental impacts on health, ecosystem and climate at the same time (short lived climate pollutants), (ii) targeting emission sources that emit a cocktail of pollutants and greenhouse gases (climate and air quality cobenefits, or synergies).

The present document aims at assessing the level of awareness in Europe about joint actions to improve air quality and mitigate climate change. Background information on short-lived climate pollutants (SLCP) is provided, as well as a detailed list of measures offering cobenefits or trade-off for air quality and climate mitigation. An analysis of the situation in European countries is also performed together with selected case studies for Nordic countries.

We conclude that there is a solid body of evidence for opportunities for joint action on air quality and climate change. There are a number of international activities to foster action on SLCP, but at present only Norway has developed a concrete national action plan. The level of awareness on synergies is higher and it should be noted that most countries have identified potential synergies for air quality in their greenhouse gas mitigation plans.