Monitoring emissions and actions in the post-2012 climate regime

Climate change is a collective action problem; only if all major emitting countries take sufficient mitigating actions, dangerous human interference with the climate system can be averted. In order to create and maintain a stable global climate coalition, trust needs to be established that all countries will contribute in accordance with the agreement, and that there will be no free riders. Therefore, for a successful global climate regime, it is essential that information is available, internationally, on actions taken per country. In the current climate negotiations, the availability and reliability of such information is commonly termed 'MRV' (Measurable, Reportable and Verifiable). MRV can increase trust between developed and developing countries and give meaning to common but differentiated responsibilities of countries.

This report aims to advance the debate on MRV and focuses on 1) gaining insight into whether and how national greenhouse gas inventories for developing countries can be established, and 2) the balance between transparency and efforts of MRV by defining MRV ability and evaluating it for a number of mitigation actions.

This study has been performed within the framework of the programme Scientific Assessment and Policy Analysis for Climate Change (WAB).


Bakker, S.J.A. , de Vita, A. , Olivier, J.G.J.


Publication title
Monitoring emissions and actions in the post-2012 climate regime
Publication date
19 October 2010
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