Netherlands Informative Inventory Report 2008

This explanation of the official Dutch emission data provides a clear view on applicability and verification of emission inventories in the Netherlands up to 2006. It includes descriptions and improvements of methods and data sources, QA/QC activities carried out and a trend analysis.

Netherlands Informative Inventory Report 2008

This Informative Inventory Report 2008 (IIR2008) provides an explanation of the official emission data submitted by the Netherlands to the UNECE-secretariat within the framework of commitments under the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP), and to the European Commission within the context of commitments under the NEC directive.

Demand for explanation of emission data

At this moment countries submit the IIR on a voluntary basis. It is very likely that this will change after the revision of the protocols under the CLRTAP and the NEC directive of the EU. The rationale behind an obligatory IIR is that countries provide explanations on how emission data are estimated. In preparing the IIR, links were sought, as far as possible, with the reporting done under the Climate Convention in the National Inventory Report (NIR). The IIR provides a clear view on applicability (comparison between countries, air quality model calculations by EMEP) and verification (transparency, completeness and consistency between years, strengths and weaknesses in methods and uncertainties) of emission data.

Improvements in the Emission Inventory

The Emission Registration is investing in improving the methods for calculating emissions of acidifying components, volatile organic components, particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5), heavy metals and persistent organic compounds for the coming years. In addition, the completion of the emission tables has been improved by filling in missing data and improved allocation of emissions to sectors and subsectors. The documentation has been improved, extended and made publicly available.

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Jimmink BA , Coenen PWHG , Geilenkirchen G , Maas CWM van der , Peek CJ , Sluijs SM van der , Wever D - Jimmink BA (eds)


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Netherlands Informative Inventory Report 2008
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6 October 2008
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