Shifting Gear: Beyond Classical Mobility Policies and Urban Planning

12-10-2012 | Publication

The ‘big’ agenda for sustainable mobility is that of climate change and natural resources. Many options to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport have been identified, however, strategic decision makers have so far not been able to make any significant steps in the right direction.

The question is not if the big agenda legitimizes government intervention but what sort of intervention can be envisaged that may be promising to bring this transition about. Here serious ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking is required: we urgently need to shift gears.

Based on his essay on the Energetic Society Maarten Hajer discusses six ingredients needed for sustainable mobility:

  1. framing
  2. smart solutions such as efficient vehicles
  3. global justice
  4. autonomy
  5. endless supply
  6. use of financial instruments