Temperature increasing potentials (TIPS) for greenhouse gases

In order to develop long-term environmental goals with respect to global climate change an index to compare the temperature increasing effect of greenhouse gas emissions is needed. In this report for the most important greenhouse gases CO2, CH4, N2O, CFC-11 and CFC-12 the concept of Temperature Increasing Potential (TIP) is introduced as a greenhouse pendant to the ozone depleting potential (ODP). To obtain the relationship between an emission and its associated effect on global temperature both model approach and analytical approach is used.

In determining the TIP with help of models, IMAGE (the Integrated Model for the Assessment of the Greenhouse Effect) is used. The analytical method to obtain TIP values involves a direct way (from emissions to global temperature increase) and an indirect way (from emissions via concentrations to global temperature increase). Finally both methods are compared to previous efforts to determine relative greenhouse gas potentials.


J. Rotmans, M.G.J. den Elzen


Publication title
Temperature increasing potentials (TIPS) for greenhouse gases
Publication date
1 March 1990
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