The generation of gridded emissions data for CMIP6

Spatially distributed anthropogenic and open burning emissions are fundamental data needed by Earth system models. We describe the methods used for generating gridded datasets produced for use by the modeling community, particularly for the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6.

The development of three sets of gridded data for historical open burning, historical anthropogenic, and future scenarios was coordinated to produce consistent data over 1750–2100. Historical data up to 2014 were provided with annual resolution and future scenario data in 10-year intervals. Emissions are provided on a sectoral basis, along with additional files for speciated non-methane volatile organic compounds (NMVOCs).

An automated framework was developed to produce these datasets to ensure that they are reproducible and facilitate future improvements. We discuss the methodologies used to produce these data along with limitations and potential for future work.


PBL Authors
Maarten van den Berg
Other authors
Leyang Feng
Steven J. Smith
Caleb Braun
Monica Crippa
Matthew J. Gidden
Rachel Hoesly
Zbigniew Klimont
Margreet van Marle
Guido R. van der Werf


Publication title
The generation of gridded emissions data for CMIP6
Publication date
6 February 2020
Publication type
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Geoscientific Model Development
13, 461–482, 2020
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