Working Paper: 'An Evaluation Framework for the Transformative Capacity of Dutch Climate Policy'

In this background report, we explain how PBL & VU developed the evaluation framework for the Reflexive Evaluation of Dutch climate policy. Through this report, PBL & VU aim to safeguard and enhance the scientific quality of the evaluation framework and resulting academic publications.

The central question of the report is: How to conceptualize the transformative capacity of a policy arrangement and, accordingly, develop an appropriate evaluation framework for evaluating Dutch climate policy in a reflexive way?

Transformative capacity refers to the capacity of policy actors, and the institutional context in which these actors operate, to instigate and/or redirect transformation towards a climate-neutral Netherlands by 2050. Transformative capacity builds upon four distinct capacities: orchestrating capacity, adapting capacity, system-innovating capacity and legitimating capacity.

These four capacities are closely interrelated and influence each other. Transformative capacity implies that all four capacities are present in a policy arrangement. Applying the evaluation framework to the PBL & VU Reflexive Evaluation supports policy actors in identifying and transforming counteracting institutional conditions on the path to a climate-neutral Netherlands by 2050.


PBL Authors
Pia Nabielek Lisa Verwoerd
Other authors
Lieselot Vandenbussche (VU Athena)
Anne Loeber (VU Athena)
Hidde Boonstra (VU Athena)
Pim Klaassen (VU Athena)


Publication title
Working Paper: 'An Evaluation Framework for the Transformative Capacity of the Dutch Climate Policy'
Publication date
13 April 2023
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