Cities in the Netherlands


In the Netherlands, about three quarters of the population live in urban areas and almost 80% of the jobs can be found there. In 2015, the Dutch Government launched its Agenda Stad, a national urban agenda. Agenda Stad aims to promote economic growth, improve liveability and stimulate innovation in urban areas.

The publication ‘Cities in the Netherlands’ contains 12 infographics providing facts and figures on recent urban developments in the context of the Dutch Agenda Stad.

‘Cities in the Netherlands’ provides insight into the most important facts and factors affecting our cities in an accessible way. How have cities developed in the recent past? How many people live and work in cities and their environs? And how does the structure of Dutch cities compare to those in other European countries?



Kersten Nabielek, David Hamers, David Evers


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Cities in the Netherlands
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30 May 2016
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