Decarbonisation options for the Dutch steel industry

06-12-2019 | Rapport

This report on decarbonisation options for the Dutch steel industry is part of the MIDDEN project (Manufacturing Industry Decarbonisation Data Exchange Network) initiated by PBL and ECN part of TNO. The project aims to support industry, policymakers, analysts and the energy sector in their common efforts to achieve deep decarbonisation.

This study describes the current primary steel production facility in the Netherlands with an overview of the process material, energy flows and options for decarbonisation.

Steel production in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, steel producers include Tata Steel in IJmuiden, North Holland. Production processes include the blast furnace process, the basic oxygen furnace process, coking, sintering, pelletising, gas-fired electricity and heat generation, oxygen production and downstream steelmaking processes.

Decarbonisation options

The main options for decarbonisation are smelting reduction process with CCS, top gas recycling blast furnace with CCS, direct iron reduction by natural gas with CCS or hydrogen and iron ore electrolysis.