Netherlands Climate and Energy Outlook 2020 - Summary

This is the summary of the Climate and Energy Outlook 2020 (Klimaat- en Energieverkenning). The Climate and Energy Outlook describes greenhouse gas emission development in the Netherlands, in accordance with the Climate Act, up to and including 2030.

Greenhouse gas emissions

The KEV provides an integrated view of developments in energy supply and energy consumption, as well as of other activities that lead to greenhouse gas emissions. This KEV is published under unusual circumstances. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Dutch society is rather diverse, and also has - at least in the short term - a major but uncertain impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Because of these special circumstances, the KEV pays additional attention to this year’s emission development.

Background information

The Climate and Energy Outlook (KEV) is a joint publication by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, TNO Energy Transition, Statistics Netherlands (CBS), and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), with contributions from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (


PBL Authors
Pieter Hammingh Bert Daniels Paul Koutstaal Klara Schure Michiel Hekkenberg
Other authors
Marijke Menkveld


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Netherlands Climate and Energy Outlook 2020 - Summary
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30 October 2020
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