Department of Nature and Rural Areas

The Department of Nature and Rural Areas focuses on societal problems around nature, landscape and rural areas. Loss of biodiversity – the variety in species and ecosystems – is one of the global sustainability problems. The department studies and evaluates trends and solutions, connecting the various scales (from global to local and vice versa). In addition, it looks at the multi-functionality and cohesion within the cultural landscape and cultural heritage, and related questions of which landscape values need to be preserved and what could be done to develop landscape qualities? The department explores the spatial dynamics in the ‘green’ and ‘blue’ space, and their consequences for the quality of rural areas.


Bram Bregman

Head of Department

Henriët Schaafsma

Management Assistant


Rob Alkemade

Passport photo of Rob Alkemade

Michel Bakkenes

Senior Researcher

Hendrien Bredenoord

Passport photo of Hendrien Bredenoord

Bram Bregman

Head of Department

Thelma van den Brink

Frank van Dam

Senior Researcher Rural areas
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Caroline Dankers

Ton Dassen

Deputy Head of Department
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Didi van Doren

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Petra van Egmond

Senior Researcher
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Stefan van der Esch

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Rob Folkert

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Paul Giesen

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Marjon Hellegers

Researcher Ecology
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Arjen van Hinsberg

Senior Researcher PhD Ecology
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Dirk-Jan van der Hoek

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Jan Janse

Researcher aquatic ecologist
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Tamara Keijzer

Researcher GLOBIO-Aquatic

Marcel Kok

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Tanya Lazarova

Researcher Ecology

Milan Loreti

Timo Maas

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Alexandra Marques

Johan Meijer

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Mark van Oorschot

Senior Researcher International biodiversity policies
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Henriët Schaafsma

Management Assistant

Aafke Schipper

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Machteld Schoolenberg

Researcher IPBES TSU Scenarios and Models / Global Biodiversity governance

Annelies Sewell

Researcher Junior Researcher, Biodiversity and Finance
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Alexandra Tisma

Senior Researcher Landscape and Urban Planning
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Sandy van Tol

Clara Veerkamp

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Henk van Zeijts

Senior Researcher Project manager Nature Outlook 2016
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