Department of Spatial Planning and Quality of the Local Environment

This department focuses on spatial planning and the quality of the local environment within the Netherlands, especially considering area-specific policies. It pays particular attention to the connection between spatial developments and to their effects on various aspects of our environment. This concerns issues such as perception of environment, and the health and safety of its residents, social cohesion and economic vitality within neighbourhoods, energy efficiency within the built environment, and accessibility of nature and landscape. In addition, this department studies particularly provincial and government policies on integrated spatial development.


Ton Dassen

Deputy Head of Department
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Mariette Commadeur

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Claudia Basta

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Bas van Bemmel

Researcher Researcher for Spatial Analysis and Modelling
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Like Bijlsma

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Wim Blom

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Lia van den Broek

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Edwin Buitelaar

Senior Researcher
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Mariette Commadeur

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Ed Dammers

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David Evers

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David Hamers

Deputy Head of Department
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Marc Hanou

Head of Department
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Arjan Harbers

Researcher Urban Planning and Urban Design
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Guus de Hollander

Senior Researcher
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Anton van Hoorn

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Petra van der Kooij

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Rienk Kuiper

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Kersten Nabielek

Researcher cities and regions - research and design
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Leo Pols

Senior Researcher urban planner/environmental designer
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Bart Rijken

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Frank van Rijn

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Maarten van Schie

Researcher Spatial Processes & Modelling
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Samantha Scholte

Joost Tennekes

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Karel van Velze

Ries van der Wouden

Senior Researcher
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