Department of Water, Agriculture and Food

The Department of Water, Agriculture and Food covers the fields of water quality and quantity, water safety, agriculture, food production, agricultural emissions, and developments surrounding food demand. Water and water management, in both the Netherlands and in Europe, are important in relation to agriculture, housing, nature development, recreation, and transport. Issues that play a role in this respect are the effects of climate change, the availability of fresh water, and the living conditions and safety around the deltas. The department looks at possibilities for the Netherlands, especially, to combine expansion and efficiency in food production with nature and landscape, which on a European scale, is also linked to European Agricultural Policy reform. On a global scale, the department studies world food supply and biofuel production, and how these issues relate to biodiversity, emissions and the use of space.


Jeannette Beck

Head of Department
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Jeannette Beck

Head of Department
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Daan Boezeman

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Gert Jan van den Born

Lex Bouwman

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Arno Bouwman

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Sophie de Bruin

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Noud van Dam

Jan van Dam

Researcher Reseacher on the field of agriculture and economics
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Martha van Eerdt

Senior Researcher Agriculture and Environment, Netherlands and Africa
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Ron Franken

Researcher Policy researcher water
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Frank van Gaalen

Researcher Water
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Hans van Grinsven

Senior Researcher Programme Manager Agriculture and Environment
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Sonja Kruitwagen

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Maureen Lachminarainsingh

Willem Ligtvoet

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Hanneke Muilwijk

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Peter van Puijenbroek

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Marian van Schijndel

Researcher Policy researcher Agriculture and Environment
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Aaldrik Tiktak

Senior Researcher Soil and Water
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Martijn Vink

Senior Researcher Governance and inistitutions

Marijke Vonk

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Henk Westhoek

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Maria Witmer

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Emma van der Zanden

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