Decarbonisation options for the Dutch tyre industry

21-11-2019 | Rapport

This report on decarbonisation options for the Dutch tyre industry is part of the MIDDEN project (Manufacturing Industry Decarbonisation Data Exchange Network) initiated by PBL and ECN part of TNO. The project aims to support industry, policymakers, analysts and the energy sector in their common efforts to achieve deep decarbonisation.

Tyre production in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, Apollo Vredestein in Enschede is the largest tyre manufacturer. The company mainly produces two categories of tyres:

  1. passenger car and
  2. agricultural tyres.

Its products are sold in the market under two brands, namely, Vredestein and Apollo.

Decarbonisation options include substitution of natural gas

The direct greenhouse gas emissions from the plant are due to natural gas used in heat and steam production. Electricity consumption causes indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

The main decarbonisation options are natural gas substitution by using biomass boilers, electric boilers, hybrid boilers or hydrogen boilers.