Decarbonisation options for the Dutch zinc industry

23-05-2019 | Publication

This report on decarbonisation options for the Dutch zinc industry is part of the MIDDEN project (Manufacturing Industry Decarbonisation Data Exchange Network) initiated by PBL and ECN part of TNO. The project aims to support industry, policymakers, analysts and the energy sector in their common efforts to achieve deep decarbonisation.

Zinc production in the Netherlands

This report describes the current situation for zinc production in the Netherlands and the options and preconditions for its decarbonisation. In the Netherlands, the zinc production location is Budel (at Nyrstar Budel B.V.). Production processes include roasting, leaching, purification, electrolysis, melting and casting; products include primary zinc ingots, sulphuric acid and other metal fractions. Options for decarbonisation include:

  • Substitution of diesel oil by renewable energy fuels such as bio oil or green gas.
  • Substitution of natural gas by green gas or hydrogen.
  • Electrification of the gas-fired burners in the melting and casting department.
  • Energy efficiency improvements in the electrolysis winning process.
  • Direct input in the leaching step of zinc oxide from recycling of galvanised steel.

Mapping decarbonisation options is an ongoing process. The MIDDEN project will update and elaborate further on options in the future, in close connection with the industry.