IMAGE strategy document 2015-2020

This document describes the new research and development strategy for the IMAGE Framework, for the 2015–2020 period, based on current and emerging research and policy questions. The document sets out the directions; in terms of concrete activities, the strategy will need to be updated and elaborated further, over time, and translated into annual work programmes.

The IMAGE modelling framework forms an integrated assessment model (IAM) of global environmental change in interaction with human development. In history, the IMAGE model has undergone various development periods – as indicated by different model versions. These periods often used the advice of the IMAGE Advisory Board to guide the direction of further development. The 'International review of IMAGE 3.0' of the 2014 IMAGE Advisory Board contains the latest evaluation.


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Detlef van Vuuren Tom Kram Elke Stehfest


Publication title
IMAGE strategy document 2015-2020
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30 September 2015
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