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Global patterns of road infrastructure

Georeferenced information on road infrastructure is essential for spatial planning, socio-economic assessments and environmental impact analyses. However, current publicly available global road maps are outdated and biased. In the Global Roads Inventory Project (GRIP) we...

Fiscal Policy and CO2 Emissions of New Passenger Cars in the EU

Tax incentives have motivated motorists to opt for more fuel-efficient vehicles more often, in 15 of the studied EU Member States. CO2 emissions from new passenger vehicles, per kilometre driven, therefore, have decreased by around 1.3% between 2001 and 2010, which is about a...

Dynamics in car ownership: the role of entry into parenthood

This study investigates the impact of entry into parenthood on changes in car ownership. If entry into parenthood affects changes in car ownership, then a delay in people’s entry into parenthood may also be an important explanation for recent car travel trends of young adults.

A cost benefit analysis of road pricing in the Netherlands

Many Dutch political parties consider road pricing an important instrument to improve accessibility. In 2012, six of the ten parties had included some form of road pricing policy in their election manifestos. The most recent Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) of road pricing in the...