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The Global Climate System: Near Term Action for Long Term Protection

Although the time scale of climate change is very long, the time scale of climate policymaking is by necessity much shorter. This report connects long term protection of climate with near term global policy action, with the aim to support current climate negotiations.

Integrated Criteria Document Fine Particulate Matter

This document reports data on fine particulate matter with regard to sources and emissions, exposure levels, effect levels, risks, and technical possibilities for reducing these risks. The information provides the scientific basis for formulating an effect-directed...

Documentation of a geographically explicit dynamic carbon cycle model

The CO2 concentration in the atmosphere has increased considerably during the last century. Without strong reductions of greenhouse gas emissions, the concentration will double from the pre-industrial level in the middle of next century. For a better understanding of its...

The CARMEN Status Report 1995

Progress in the EUROMOD project (RIVM no. 461501) is reported. The EUROMOD project aims at the realization of a computer model that may support international negotiations concerning Europe's environment.