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Enhancements on the European land use database

The quality of environmental monitoring and forecasting on a European scale is influenced significantly by the accuracy of land use and land cover data. Due to an urgent need for a geo-referenced…

Data Management in support of Integrated Environmental Assessment and Modelling at RIVM (Including the 1995 Catalogue of International Data Sets)

This report describes how global and regional data sets are managed within RIVM in relation to UNEP's Global Environmental Outlook and other environmental assessment and global change studies.

Parametrization of NO2 photodissociation rate

The NO 2 photodissociation rate, j(NO 2 ), plays a key role in atmospheric chemistry. It is one of the most sensitive parameters in atmospheric photochemical transport models. In transport models…

Technical description of the RIVM trajectory model

The RIVM trajectory model, described in this report, enables calculation of a backward or forward trajectory. These trajectories are used to "follow" previous released air pollution in a backward mode…

SusClime: a simulation game on population and development in a resource- and climate-constrained two-country world

In this paper we introduce simulation-gaming as a tool to explore long-term futures.

Calculation and mapping of Critical Thresholds in Europe: Status Report 1995

The present aim of the Coordination Center for Effects (CCE) is to give scientific and technical support to the development of the critical loads and level methodology, in collaboration with the…

Analysis of metals and calorific value in components from household waste, 1988-1992 (including the results from 1986 and 1987)

The National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection (RIVM) analyses over a long period the physical composition of household refuse in the Netherlands. Since 1986 a start was made…

Modelling the long-term atmospheric behaviour of pollutants on various spatial scales

This report describes the TREND/OPS model for the simulation of the long-term dispersion of air pollution on a local to regional (Europe) scale.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Netherlands. Methodology and data for 1993 and provisional data for 1994

This report was written at the request of the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Physical Planning and Environment to comply with the European Unions Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Mechanism (Council Decision 93…

A Framework for the Assessment of the Global Potential of Joint Implementation

Joint Implementation (JI) is a means for reaching cheaper solutions to CO 2 emission reductions. The global potential for JI is defined as the portion of the necessary regional CO 2 emission…