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The CARMEN Status Report 1995

Progress in the EUROMOD project (RIVM no. 461501) is reported. The EUROMOD project aims at the realization of a computer model that may support international negotiations concerning Europe's environment.

Enhancements on the European land use database

The quality of environmental monitoring and forecasting on a European scale is influenced significantly by the accuracy of land use and land cover data. Due to an urgent need for a geo-referenced European Land Use (ELU) database the National Institute of Public Health and the...

Parametrization of NO2 photodissociation rate

The NO2 photodissociation rate, j(NO2), plays a key role in atmospheric chemistry. It is one of the most sensitive parameters in atmospheric photochemical transport models. In transport models estimates of the photolysis rates are generally based on radiation transfer (sub-)...

Technical description of the RIVM trajectory model

The RIVM trajectory model, described in this report, enables calculation of a backward or forward trajectory. These trajectories are used to "follow" previous released air pollution in a backward mode or to "find" the origin of air pollution in a forward mode.