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Depletion and Natural Variability of the Ozone Layer from TOMS Observations

A statistical trend analysis of the TOMS total ozone data was performed from November 1978 through June 1994.

Air Quality in Major European Cities. Part II: City Report Forms

Within the framework of Europe's Environment programme, commissioned by the EU and co-ordinated by the EEA-Task Force, RIVM, NILU and MGO conducted a study on air quality in a number of cities in…

Air Quality in Major European Cities. Part I: Scientific Background Document to Europe's Environment

This reports documents the research that RIVM, NILU and MGO have conducted into urban and local air pollution in Europe. The research was carried out in the framework of the Europe's Environment…

The impact of aircraft exhaust emissions on the atmosphere ; scenario studies with a three dimensional global model

This report describes the results of a study on the impact of aircraft exhaust emissions on the atmosphere. This study has been carried out within the framework of the Dutch national research…

Atmospheric Input, Thematic report no. VI, Dutch Priority Programme on Acidification, phase 3

This thematic report summarises the research on atmospheric deposition in the Netherlands so far and the assessed current loads of acidifying components to nature areas in the Netherlands using…

GW_VOL ; The EXPECT Groundwater Level Module

As part of the integrated environmental model EXPECT, a groundwater module has been developed which calculates changes in groundwater level and seepage due to changes in groundwater abstraction.

The importance of feedback processes and vegetation transition in the terrestrial carbon cycle

The Integrated Model to Assess the Greenhouse Effect (IMAGE 2) is developed to simulate dynamically the global society-biosphere-climate system. The terrestrial C. cycle model is an important…

Scenario Studies on Effects of Methane Emissions Using a 3D Tropospheric Model

The 3 D global tropospheric model MOGUNTIA was used in a 25-year scenario study to analyse the effects of increasing methane emissions on the oxidising capacity of the atmosphere and methane's…

European wet deposition maps based on measurements

To date, wet deposition maps on a European scale have been based on long-range transport model results. For most components wet deposition maps based on measurements are only available on national…

Evaluation of PCB fluxes in the environment

Since the early seventies a variety of stringent measures have been taken by (international) governments to reduce the risks posed by the presence of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the…