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Emissions of N2O and NO from fertilized fields: summary of available measurement data

In this paper, information from 846 N 2 O emission measurements in agricultural fields and 99 measurements for NO emissions was used to describe the influence of various factors regulating emissions…

Modelling land degradation in IMAGE 2

Food security may be threatened by loss of soil productivity as a result of human-induced land degradation. Water erosion is the most important cause of land degradation, and its effects are…

Modelling the impact of climate change on the Wadden Sea ecosystem

In the framework of the Dutch National Research Programme on Global Air Pollution and Climate Change, ecological responses of the Wadden Sea ecosystem to changing climate conditions have been studied.

The IMAGE 2.2 implementation of the SRES scenarios

CD-rom publication (MNP publication 500110001, reprint of RIVM publication 481508018). A comprehensive analysis of emissions, climate change and impacts in the 21st century. Main disc.

PEARL model for pesticide behaviour and emissions in soil-plant systems

The use of pesticides in agriculture presents risks to the environment, which are evaluated more and more by using computation models. The new PEARL model simulates the behaviour of pesticides in soil…

Global change scenarios of the 21st century. Results from the IMAGE 2.1 Model

Global Change Scenarios of the 21st Century informs readers of conceivable environmental changes in the next hundred years. Integrated scenarios are used to communicate large amounts of information…

A global high-resolution emission inventory for ammonia

A global emissions inventory for ammonia (NH3) has been compiled for the main known sources on a 1°×1° grid, suitable for input to global atmospheric models.

Transport scenarios for the Netherlands for 2030. A description of the scenarios for the OECD project 'Environmental Sustainable Transport'

The Environmental Sustainable Transport (EST) project contains a business-as-usual scenario and three EST scenarios: one 'high-technology' scenario containing only technological changes, one 'capacity…

Deposition of base-cations in Europe and its role in acid neutralization and forest nutrition

In considering acidification problems, emphasis is seldom placed on the role of deposition of base-cations such as Na + , Mg 2 + , Ca 2 + and K + . Besides their ability to neutralize acid input, base…

Nitrogen pollution on the local and regional scale: the present state of knowledge and research needs

Concerns the results of a feasibility study on the realisation of a nitrogen research programme for the local scale. This study, initiated by the Ministries of Housing, Physical Planning and…