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Computing land use emissions of greenhouse gases

Feedback mechanisms play a crucial role in the climate system, amplifying or dampening the climate response to enhanced concentrations of greenhouse gases from anthropogenic perturbations. Many of…

Modelling feedback mechanisms in the carbon cycle: balancing the carbon budget

Within the carbon cycle feedback, mechanisms that amplify or dampen the exchange of carbon dioxide between the different reservoirs to enhance concentrations of carbon dioxide and increase temperature…

Stabilizing Atmospheric Concentrations: Towards International Methane Control

Methane has been a major contributor to the enhanced greenhouse effect during the 1980s, second only to carbon dioxide. Because of uncertainties about the sources and sinks of methane, policy…

A model-based approach to the calculation of global warming potentials (GWP)

The Global Warming Potential (GWP) of greenhouse gas emissions can be defined as a greenhouse pendant to the Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP). Global Warming Potentials are calculated for the most…

Risk assessment to man and the environment in case of exposure to soil contamination. Integration of different aspects

This report concludes a series of reports which provide the technical-scientific base for revision of the guidelines for soil and groundwater in the Dutch Soil Protection act.

Temperature increasing potentials (TIPS) for greenhouse gases

In order to develop long-term environmental goals with respect to global climate change an index to compare the temperature increasing effect of greenhouse gas emissions is needed. In this report for…